Competence in every season

The all-season van tyre optimised for driving in summer and winter has the capacities to master any weather conditions.

  • High performance on wet roads
  • Strong braking performance on snow
  • Excellent driving stability
Rim Tyre Size Load and Speed Side Wall Fuel Efficiency Wet Grip Ext. Rolling Noise
16 195/60R16 H   E C 73
16 195/65R16 T   E C 73
15 195/70R15 R   E C 73
16 195/75R16 R   E C 73
16 205/65R16 T   E C 73
16 205/75R16 R   E C 73
16 215/65R16 T   E C 73
15 215/70R15 R   E C 73
16 215/75R16 R   E C 73
16 225/65R16 R   E C 73
15 225/70R15 R   E C 73
16 235/65R16 R   E C 73


Speed index                
P (93 mph)              
Q (99 mph)              
R (106 mph)              
S (112 mph)              
T (118 mph)              
H (130 mph)              
V (149 mph)              
W (168 mph)              
Y (186 mph)              
ZR (149 mph)              
Tyre size                
LT Light Truck              
Wheel position                
S Single              
T Twin              

High performance on wet roads

The EUROVAN A/S 365 ensures safe performance and short braking distances on wet roads. Equipped with an efficient water drainage, the pattern is highly resistant to aquaplaning.


Strong braking performance on snow

The tyre achieves strong grip and short braking distances on snowy roads. Pockets trap snow inside the tyre’s tread which significantly improve the grip thanks to a much better traction of snow to snow than rubber to snow.


Excellent driving stability

This pattern puts perfect steering precision and safe cornering into practice - on dry, wet and snowy roads. Keep your vehicle always safely on track in all weather conditions.

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