The specialist tyre for gravel and moderate off-road terrain

Designed to work hard and play hard, the agressive all-terrain tread pattern of the GRABBER TR provides the off-road grip needed for gravel terrain as well as a smooth and comfortable drive on the road.

Rim Tyre size Load Sidewall Fuel
Wet Grip Ext. Rolling
15" 205/70 R 15 96T BSW F C 72
16" 205/80 R 16 104T / XL BSW F C 73
16" 225/70 R 16 102H BSW F E 72
16" 235/70 R 16 106H BSW F E 72
16" LT235/85 R 16 120/116Q BSW F C 75
17" 235/65 R 17 108H / XL BSW F C 74
Speed index            
P (93 mph)          
Q (99 mph)          
R (106 mph)          
S (112 mph)          
T (118 mph)          
H (130 mph)          
V (149 mph)          
W (168 mph)          
Y (186 mph)          
ZR (149 mph)          
BSW Black Sidewall          
OWL Outline White Lettering          
Tyre size            
LT Light Truck          
Features Benefits
  • Multi angled tread block design
  • Off-road grip enhancement required for difficult terrain
  • Computer-aided block layout
  • On-road smooth rolling, comfort and noise optimisation
  • Wide longitudinal and lateral tread grooves
  • Best water displacement and reduction of the risk of aquaplaning
  • Solid outer shoulders
  • High cornering stability
  • Cut and chip resistant compound
  • Excellent gravel-road and off-road performance and longer life of the tyre

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