Extreme traction all-terrain tyre with exceptional off-road performance.

Aggressive open pattern design with stone ejector ribs ensures best mobility, even in harsh off-road conditions. The General Tire GRABBER MT is a rugged, durable tyre that delivers exceptionally high levels of traction in all off-road conditions by utilising the durable three-ply construction.

Rim Tyre size Load Rim
MT 15" LT235/75 R 15 104/101Q FR
MT 15" 31X10.50 R 15 LT 109Q FR
MT 15" 33X12.50 R 15 LT 108Q FR
16" LT265/75 R 16 123/120Q FR
Speed index      
Q up to 160 km/h (99 mph)    
Aggressive open pattern design including stone ejector ribs to ensure mobility both on and off-road
  • Open pattern design guarentees high level of traction and self-cleaning capability
  • Stone ejector ribs
  • Off-road look is supported by aggressive pattern design
Aggressive open shoulder design to deliver exceptionally high levels of traction
  • Different block sizes in the shoulder ensure interlocking with firm, loose and muddy surfaces
Three-ply construction for a durable tyre
  • Highest robustness of tyre casing that's able to cope with any surface

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