Andrew Cotton and General Tire: Making Waves Together

It’s fair to say we’re all drawn to extraordinary people. They possess an energy and passion that many of us aspire to. Greatness in any field – but especially extreme sports – is desirable, and attractive – something that many dream of but rarely achieve.

We know all too well that Making it Possible requires the extraordinary, no matter what you want to achieve, or where you want to go.

At General Tire, we embody the characteristics that ensure that Anywhere Is Possible. We’re continously pushing the boundaries and setting demands of ourselves in the quest to achieve ultimate performance. And it’s why we, like you, are drawn to extraordinary people, such as surfer, Andrew Cotton.


Inspiring people create inspiring stories – sometimes tragic, always heroic, but ultimately transformative. The journey makes all the difference. We understand this process only too well. Andrew’s story is an adrenaline fueled odyssey – from nowhere to somewhere to everywhere.  And back again – one moment (literally) riding the crest of a wave, the next down – but not wiped out.

And whether at the beach, in rough terrain, or down the motorway – off-road and on – General Tire have shared this journey with Andrew throughout. We’ve provided him with encouragement and confidence as he faces the highs and the lows of his inspiring journey. No matter what.

Anywhere Is Possible. General Tire are Making it Possible. Live Life to the Full.


Taking the rough with the smooth. Embracing the highs and the lows. Off-road and on. Surfer Andrew Cotton undertakes his miraculous journey with a little help from General Tire GRABBER AT3 all-terrain tyres.